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Trusted by over 2 million users worldwide including leading institutions, governments, laboratories, industries and schools, the Moticam is the microscope camera of choice when it comes to making the shift to digital microscopy. Available in a wide variety of options for different applications

Introducing the next generation of Cameras for Microscopy Work

Easy to install (Everything in 1 box) 

Easy to install

The moticam comes with all accessories needed to get your microscope digital including the necessary software, eyepiece adapters, wiring accessories, viewing tube, calibration tools and other materials. 

Fits all microscopes

Attachment for all

The Moticams can be connected to any microscopes in the market through the multiple attachment options available from eyepiece adapters to trinocular attachment.

Compatible with different Operating systems

digital camera softwares

Whether your lab uses windows, iOS or Linux, our software is compatible with different operating systems and our Moticam App makes the Moticam experience more accessible to everyone. 


Microscope Camera Moticam


USB CMOS Camera Comparison:

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CMOS Microscope Cameras



CMOS Tablet Comparison:

Moticam BTW | Moticam BTU8 | Moticam BTU10 | Moticam 1080BMH

Moticam Tablets

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