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Hyalella azteca – Around 8 mm body length

Phase Contrast by Motic

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There are many varieties of phase-contrast including positive, negative, anoptral, relief, apodized, variable, and color phase contrast. A phase kit consists of 10, 20, 40, and 100X objectives with internal phase rings and usually a turret condenser with 3-4 different annular diaphragms. The phase condenser also allows normal bright field viewing and some offer darkfield viewing as well.

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If resolution in display or for printing purposes is your focus, Moticam S12 is an offer you can't refuse. A 25 fps frame rate manages the largest data volume of Motic's S-LINE.


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Turn your microscope into a digital whole slide scanner. Simply pair the EasyStitch Pro software with one of our high-speed USB 3.1 Moticam Pro S5 cameras.

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